How can NTAF help you?

Pay BillsNTAF is your partner in financing recovery!

Traumatic spinal cord injury can be an overwhelming experience for patients and families — emotionally, physically and financially. Patients rely upon NTAF to help through this difficult journey.

NTAF can help

  • Provide fundraising support, including guidance in campaign planning and implementation
  • Pay uninsured medical expenses weekly, either directly to vendor or by way of reimbursement
  • Raise funds for medically related expenses without jeopardizing existing insurance coverage
  • Provide support and assistance at no cost to the patient
  • Remove the administrative burden of bill payment from patient’s family
  • Provide support materials and procedures, including banners, flyers and other materials
  • Offer publicity expertise and materials
  • Link the patients’ website to the NTAF site
  • Offer contributors tax deductibility
  • Assure contributors that their donations will be used for medically related expenses
  • Answer SCI-related questions
  • Provide spinal cord injury prevention materials and training for patients and community volunteers

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