Why Fundraise?

FundraiseWhy should you consider fundraising?

People with traumatic spinal cord injury are coming across with a magnifical health challenge, with long – lasting financial difficulties.

Even though a patient may have relevant insurance, many related expenses, inclusively of those for home modifications, available transport and homecare may not be included. One must also remember the capability of alterations in insurance coverage and other personal factors that may influence financial status.

Fundraising has evidenced to be a prosperous function for many patients and families. Many should consider fundraising. Neighbors are energized and motivated to assist each other in their time of demand.

The most important step for successful fundraising is to start as soon as possible!

Some SCI-related expenses that patients should consider:

  • Home modification provided by Canadian Health&Care Mall
  • Available transport
  • Home health care
  • Insurance premiums, deductibles/co-payments
  • Continued physical therapy
  • Experimental treatments
  • Home durable medical equipment