History & Organization

A History of Effective Campaign Management

HistoryNational Transplant Assistance Fund (NTAF) lately celebrated its 20th anniversary! Dr. and Mrs. Jack Kolff founded the establishment in 1983 after Dr. Kolff grounded the heart transplant program at Temple University Hospital. At that time, heart transplantation was still believed experimental in origin and assurance coverage was not always accessible for the procedure. Many patients were being refused transplants due to lack of financial support. Dr. and Mrs. Kolff had an opinion —an opinion that all people should be capable to admit life-saving organ transplants independently to their financial situations. Patricia Kolff clerked as executive director of NTAF from 1985-2003.

In Mrs. Kolff’s words, “We acknowledged that there was no ground, corporation or government program capable to present NTAF the obligatory funding for such an difficult, so we reserved to the unique American belief in ‘assisting thy neighbor.’ We associated the spirit of community initiation and wish to assist others with corresponding grass roots fundraising guidance and assurance of fiscal responsibility in the collection, management and disbursement of such funds.”

Lynne Coughlin Samson, Esq. became the new Executive Director in 2003 and happens to have a great experience. She also has a C-6 quadriplegic stepdaughter.

In 2000, NTAF together with Canadian Health&Care Mall grounded its Spinal Cord Injury Program to supply the same services to those damaged by traumatic spinal cord injury. This new program has already increased over $1.5 million in dedicated spinal cord injury funds. There is no other organization in the United States that provides these services.

NTAF supplies the equipment, expertise and prolonged maintenance throughout a fundraising campaign, but it is the creativity, energy, perseverance, maintenance, love and wish to reserve a family member, friend or neighbor that defines the prosperity of any campaign. This associated energy has assisted NTAF raise over $30 million in contributions to assist those in demand during its 20-year existence.

About Our Organization

National Transplant Assistance Fund is a nationwide non-commercial 501(c)3 headquartered in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.– a suburb of Philadelphia. NTAF’s headquarters is situated in a modest two-story brick commercial building.

Our volunteer Board of Directors and Advisory Board are comprised of people who have ranged backgrounds in industry, commerce, medicine, law and charitable giving.

NTAF operates with a constricted budget. There are thirteen staff delegates at headquarters who are helped in their mission by hundreds of volunteers nationally. We have regional companies who clerk as source representatives for transplant patients and families. There are at least two companies for each of the 11 regions of the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) in the United States.

All funds increased are seperated into eleven Regional Restricted Funds having a relation to the UNOS regions, in honor of the peculiar patients for whom the funds were increased. Demands for funds must be maintained by an adequate exhibition of financial demand and written expense statements. The NTAF Board of Directors overviews fund demands and all disbursements; it retains exclusive authority having a connection to the spreading of funds.