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The Cost of Spinal Cord Treatment and Top US Clinics

The Cost of Spinal Cord Treatment and Top US Clinics

A specialist consultation concerning spinal cord diseases in an American clinic will cost $600-$700. Computed tomography (CT) scans cost an average of $850, while MRIs cost $ 1,700 or more. The estimated cost of knee arthroplasty is $ 40,000. If you do not know English or do not speak it at a sufficient level to communicate with a doctor, add the help of an interpreter to the cost of medical services. You can also purchase an insurance policy: sometimes it helps to save money, but before you decide to sign the papers, carefully study the terms of the policy. There is no single standard in the United States, different companies offer different insurance terms, so you need to be careful.

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Spinal Cord Treatment Cost in the USA, Germany, Israel

Spinal Cord Treatment Cost in the USA, Germany, IsraelBack pain is one of the most common symptoms one has to deal with. Typically, the problem of back pain is in the spinal column. According to medical data, over 80% of people suffer from diseases of the spine of varying severity.

Among the pathologies of the spine, doctors most often have to deal with osteochondrosis, scoliosis, spinal injuries, inflammatory vertebral pathologies, congenital malformations and tumors. Approximately 6% of patients with spinal diseases require surgery, while the rest are helped by conservative therapy.

How to choose a clinic to treat spinal cord diseases?

When choosing a clinic, it is better to always trust professionals who know exactly where they will help you to cope with your problem. There are a wide base of foreign clinics and doctors. Having studied your medical history, and taking into account your preferences, the medical specialists will offer the best option for spine treatment abroad. Most often, we select treatment in clinics in Israel, Germany and the USA.

Spine treatment in Germany

In German medical institutions, spinal diseases are treated with conservative and surgical techniques. Among the latter, minimally invasive interventions are common, in which the doctor reaches the operated area through a small incision or puncture.

Today Germany has modern medical technology that allows you to achieve good results in a short time.

Some examples of average rates for different spinal cord diseases:

  • a spinal herniated disc rate starts at 3,079 EUR;
  • spinal stenosis treatment rate starts at 3,670 EUR;
  • the rate of spinal cord malignant tumors’ treatment start at 8,697 EUR;
  • the treating rate of chronic spinal pain after interventions starts at 5,436 EUR.

Spine treatment in the USA

Depending on the diagnosis, spinal diseases in the United States are treated with surgical and conservative methods. As in other advanced countries, American spinal surgeons use minimally invasive surgical techniques that allow solving the problem with the spine without injury and blood loss.

Sure the exact cost for spinal cord injuries vary depending on the injury type and the clinic you choose. The average data looks in the following way:

Hospitalization costs ranged from an average of $52,489 for cervical complete injuries to $19,994 for lumbar incomplete injuries. The average outpatient care costs ranged from $12,183 for cervical complete injuries to $7,168 for lumbar complete injuries.

How to pay for such expenses?

In some states, hospitals provide charitable care to certain low-income patients and those without insurance. They should meet some requirements to be a part of this program.

Many of patients issue payday loans Georgia to cover some expenses in clinics. These financial options are a very efficient way to cope with medical bills. It is easy to apply for such a loan as they do not advance great requirements to qualify for a payday loan in GA. We point out that you won’t cover all the expenses at once, but if you feel lack in some definite sum, this may be a way out.

Pay for medical bills in equal installments. Deal with a healthcare institution, sign an agreement and cope with them using this approach. Each clinic offers its own rates and terms, be sure to read the agreement attentively.

If you have any back problems, you may address to any clinic in GA:

Shepherd Center
2020 Peachtree Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30309-1465

Emory University Hospital’s Center for Rehabilitation Medicine
1441 Clifton Road, NE Atlanta, GA 30322

Walton Rehabilitation Hospital
1355 Independence Drive Augusta, GA 30901-1037

Innovative treatments

  1. Minimally invasive spine surgery;
  2. Robotic surgery – Spine Assist.

Spine diseases: diagnosis

Diagnosis of spine diseases in Germany

In German clinics for spine diseases, the patient will have to undergo the following diagnostic measures:

  • examination by a neurosurgeon;
  • instrumental diagnostics (X-ray, CT, MRI and others);
  • the conclusion of doctors and the appointment of treatment.

Spine diseases: US survey

In the United States, CT and MRI are the main diagnostic techniques for spine diseases. In addition, a number of other instrumental studies are performed to clarify and make the correct diagnosis.

The following procedures should be conducted:

  • radiography;
  • computed tomography (CT);
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);
  • myelography;
  • discography;
  • densitometry;
  • ultrasound dopplerography;
  • electromyography;
  • echospondylography;
  • other studies.

Spine diseases: comprehensive examination in Israel

Diagnostics for diseases of the spine in Israel takes 3-4 working days. During this period, doctors carry out the research necessary for making an accurate diagnosis and drawing up a treatment regimen.

The price of surgical treatment of spinal cord tumors is about $ 30,000-$ 40,000. The possibility of using radiosurgery for inoperable tumors of the spinal cord must be considered individually.