Why Man Ejaculates Quickly & How to Prolong Sex?

Why Man Ejaculates Quickly & How to Prolong Sex?

Why does the guy finish quickly? Unfortunately, more and more loving women face this problem. There are various reasons for premature ejaculation, which prevent partners from enjoying sexual intercourse and we will explain them in simple words.

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What makes guys come quickly?
Premature ejaculation types;
Premature ejaculation causes;
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Premature ejaculation treatment;
How to prolong ejaculation with Viagra Super Force?

What makes guys come quickly?

Causes of premature ejaculation are numerous, but first of all we should figure out what duration of sexual intercourse should embarrass the partners.

Doctors have different versions of what kind of ejaculation can be considered premature. The most common opinion is that premature ejaculation is a violation, which occurred immediately after the introduction of the penis into the vagina or even earlier.

There are two more versions. The first one identifies sexual violation if a sexual act lasts less than 2 minutes. The second one says we may speak about problems if a man makes less than 25 frictions. This situation indicates that you need to see a doctor.